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About Us

IQ excellence has been setup in 2014 by two young educators Mr Pritanshu singh and Ayush kumar sinha . At very younger age they realised need of personal growth in education system hence they continued and found IQ Excellence which is all about focusing on individuality of the students by personalised learning schemes

They offer the best educational environment . We feel our students . We feed mind of students with required amount of knowledge , skillls , discipline and ethics in order to create super minds . We have finest faculty to pays attention every individual which leads to great learning for our students .

We always come up with innovative learning techniques and end up with super innovative minds .


Our Vision

Our vision is to create super minds to uphold the education excellence and professional standards for brighter future


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop perfect educational environment and that extraordinary habit which leads to higher level of success and academics


Choose Us

Enhance your capability
Our individual oriented learning packages Strengthen your capability of learning in order to set new standards of education.

Improve your weakness
We aim your weak part and convert them into your strength by working in right direction.



We all know, up to class 12 education is the base of everything, either you want to be an engineer, doctor, pilot, scientist, entrepreneur or an IAS officer. India is a vast country where many students are not able to get good education support due to many reasons. We are trying to reach to every student to provide them best support for their after-school education through smart classes.

For enhancing the skills and knowledge of our students, our coaching center also conducts Regular Tests and weekly Major Tests. Known for its high quality, cost effectiveness and timely completion of course, this is highly appreciated by our students. Professionally qualified and trained tutors conduct these classes to ensure the better results of the students in board exams.

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